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History of Clemens Profit Group

We were founded as Bruemmer Clemens by Bud Bruemmer and Jim Clemens Sr. in March of 1965. Our original states were Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Our first manufacturer was Hamilton Beach, which was retained for almost 30 years before all the representatives were let go. In 1989 Bud retired.. In 1995 we incorporated under our present name being our factories and distributors profit partners. In March of 2000 We and the industry lost a true pioneer

But his Legacy lives on.

Our organization consists of Jim Clemens Jr, , Grace Stepien, and Ryan Clemens. Jim is second-generation member of the industry. Ryan is our third- generation employee in the industry. We have received many awards over the years from our factories and distributors. We have won the Rep of the Year Award, sometimes more than once. Our long association with many of our factories

measures in decades. For a few like Vita Mix and Pronto we are their original reps.

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